Letter Dr. Jean Hein


Ref.: Feasibility of the HYDROTHERM-PROCESS


I confirm the execution of a series of continuous test operations of the HYDROTHERM-PROCESS in a semi - technical scale in my presence.


These experiments demonstrated clearly that the reaction of sodium hydroxide with pure carbon or carbon containing organic substances  like rubber waste, waste oil, polyester, fats etc. will be executable successfully in an industrial scale.


This conclusion results of the fact that the input of an industrial plant, which will come up to a quantity of 250 kg per hours less than ten times of the mentioned semi technical plants. This means that the necessary scaling up is below that being normally usual for industrial plant enlargements.


The experiments being accomplished in the towns of Luxembourg (Luxembourg) and Trier (Germany) generated those quantities of hydrogen calculated theoretically. The results were confirmed by a public laboratory.


In my opinion there does not exist any reason to repeat the mentioned experiments of Mr. Suppan once more because all risks of the new technology are not only well known bur also cleared as far as possible so that an industrial installation will operate without any problems.


Dr. Jean Hein, Luxembourg



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