Dear Professor Kraft,


though my practical experience as physicist and laboratory assistant are about thirty years old and as my theoretical knowledge is waiting for almost the same time I nevertheless am able to understand and to judge the documents describing the HYDDROTHERM-PROCESS you have sent me.


I am astonished of the simplicity of the chemical reaction and the physical base of this technology and much more startled of its solitary energetic efficiency and the very low operation costs.


I am convinced that this technology can be surpassed by someone being already known.


As I learned from the documents experts like chemists, physicists and patent attorneys have confirmed the innovative potential of this process. Beyond this the Fraunhofer institute has stated the ecological efficiency, the positive balance of energy and the enormous chances for using new resources.


For this reason the question must be allowed why this very interesting technology is not still realized in an industrial scale. While the environmental load increases the HYDROTHERM-PROCESS gives the chance not only to neutralize harmful and toxic waste but also to recover expensive metals and to release hydrogen for generating energy.


Please be certain that I will support you and your colleague, the chemist eho may be called nearly a genius, with all my means.


Because of the technical and above all the social importance of the industrial realisation of the HYDROTHERM-PROCESS this extraordinary technology should become a request of every citizen of the country.


Best regards

Professor Dr. Paul Drechsel  



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