Dear Mr. Suppan,


with this we confirm the receipt of your letter of March 22nd 1999 with enclosures as well as the telephone call of March 23rd 1999.

As we learned the necessary quantities of galvanic sludge are not only available but also existing in a much bigger amount.


Certainly I cannot judge the prices and costs which are the base of your calculations. But I can attest that at a cumulative turn over of DEM  380 millions during the period of the first five years the value of your patent will  come up to at least five percent of this amount.


In this connection I am of the opinion that your application is really patentable and will lead to a patent too.


Furthermore I think that the feasibility of the process according to the patent application will work without any problems in principle.


Under theses circumstances the value of the application can be absolutely estimated of DEM 19.900.000,-- if invested in a company.



Dr. Werner, Patent Attorney



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