Chances and Perspectives



Alkali hydrides are chemical compounds, which are commonly made out of hydrogen and alkali metals like lithium, potassium and  sodium etc. at higher temperatures.

As the winning of these metals is rather expensive as well as the conventional winning of hydrogen, the final products are very expensive too.

Not only but also for this reason the alkali hydrides are still exotic substances which have practically no market and are only used in laboratories for synthesizing chemical organic compounds.

A new process, which was developed in the course of our researches and experiments and is completely  approved in a laboratory - and semi -technical scale gives the chance to reduce the production costs of these alkali hydrides extremely.  For this reason the usage in the industrial practiice will substitute respectively revolutionize  a lot of conventional technologies.


This technology called HYDROTHERM-PROCESS is characterized by a new chemical reaction the  discovery of which  is the essential of our inventions.

In this reaction alkali hydroxides are used instead of the alkali metals and hydrogen is replaced by carbon.


This reaction is for that reason  of considerable interest because that not only  pure carbon but also carbon containing organic substances will supply the products being wanted.

Consequently it can be used for the disposal and an intelligent utilization  of industrial and other organic waste like waste rubber, waste oil, waste gas, oil sludge, tars, textile waste, cellulose and so on.

In this connection the consumption of energy for the disposal  is of relevance. As all of the organic matter mentioned above is formed by consuming energy, this power is released as soon as the organic materials are decomposed. During this decomposition hydrogen and carbon and heat is arising . In addition to this the formation of the final products what  means that of alkali hydrides  and alkali carbonates is exothermic too..  


For this reason the power supply to the process is switched off after the reaction has been started.


This short description may show the enormous profit of the HYDROTHERM-PROCESS for the environmental protection on the one hand  and for the industrial practice on the other, because especially the latter will get chances which seemed to be inconceivable until now.


So it is possible to apply the alkali hydrides and the hydrogen made by the HYDROTHERM - technology directly for the winning of expensive metals like copper, nickel, molybdenum, manganese, cobalt etc.

As these metals can be produced out of industrial waste too, for instance out of galvanic sludge, and poor ores by a very simple method with a very high purity, the normal market -  prices could be undercut considerably without any problem.


A company basing upon the HYDROTHERM-PROCESS would be able to realize good profits and to provide a lot of jobs.


The alkali hydrides manufactured by the HYDROTHERM-PROCESS can supply a very pure hydrogen which can be changed into electric energy and water by means of fuel cells with high efficiency. As the alkali hydrides can be produced at very low costs the resulting hydrogen can be sold for a price which makes it a serious competitor of the traditional motor fuels like petrol, and diesel oil.


The HYDROTHERM - technology will not only show new perspectives to the economies of the western countries but can become of significant importance of the oil exporting countries. These  now have the  chance to use oil sludge and waste gas as totally new sources for preserving their prosperity by establishing  new industries. 

In most cases these countries do not have potable water. But exactly this can supply the HYDROTHERM-PROCESS either by means of the above mentioned fuel cells or by using a catalyst. The base of the drinking water are once more   the remainders of  oil mining namely the mentioned  natural gas and the oil sludge  respectively the hydrogen, which in all cases is an essential part of these substances. 

Besides of the alkali hydrides and hydrogen alkali carbonates are formed by the new reaction. The carbon dioxide included in these carbonates is released and transformed into pharmaceutical and chemical  materials, food colour, dietetic food. fertilizers etc. by means of specific algae cultures.

An industry  basing on carbon dioxide technology for this reason should have very interesting economic perspectives too.


Using the HYDROTHERM-PROCESS consequently, empty deserts can become  flourishing landscapes and drinking water is not any longer much more expensive than a bottle of oil.



Moreover, we also developed a process by means of wich radioaktive waste can be diposed safely ....